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Window Goop™

Cover and protect windows from a wide range of damaging situations that can cost a lot of money and prolong construction. Apply at beginning of construction, then peel off at clean-up stage, quickly and easily.


Bath Goop™ for Bathrooms

During a construction project all sorts of mess can get dropped into a bathtub or sink – grout, glue, rubbish, tools and more. No more scratches or stains on your valuable fixtures with a coating of Bath Goop™.


Multi Goop™ for Counters and Floors

Protect your countertops from tools, grout, glues and more – Multi Goop™ coating rolls on quickly then peels off easily when you’re done with the job.

BlockOut Goop™ for Temporary Protective Coatings

Ideally suited to commercial businesses that may be temporarily closed for renos, re-lets, any kind of change that needs to be shielded from sight of onlookers. Forget about paper taped to your windows, BlockOut Goop™ applies easily with a paint roller and when removed, leaves a pristine, clear window with no residue whatsoever.
Keeps out prying eyes and looky-loos. Available in Black for total block or White which allows the light to pass but is impossible to see through. Sets in minutes, stays unchanged for months. When no longer needed, it easily peels off like film. Leaves no residue, won’t harm frames or hard floors.

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Why use Goop?

How to Use


Goop products can be applied using 10 – 12 nap paint rollers or a spray gun using a minimum 0.017 spray tip.  The sprayer needs to be rinsed with water immediately after use.

All Goop products are biodegradable and water-based. When finished the film can be discarded with any other job-site debris into the dumpster or landfill.

Dry time: depends on climatic conditions, from 2 hours to 24 hours.  Ventilation and warm temperatures help to speed up the process.  Goop products should be applied at 10°C (50°F) or above.

Tape the edges of your surface for easier removal.

Apply Goop slowly & evenly with 10-12 nap roller.

Refill as needed from the paint tray.

Even coat covering the entire surface to be protected.

After you’ve applied Goop, let it dry.

After the project is finished, peel off the protective layer.



Coverage m² / Lt.

Coverage m² / Pail

Coverage ft² / US Gal.

Coverage ft² / Pail

Window Goop™




1500 +

Multi Goop™




1100 +

Bath Goop™




950 +

BlockOut Goop™




1100 +

Note: Coverage may vary due to applied thickness, puddling, spillage, run-off etc.  Calculations are approximate and meant as a guideline only.


Window Goop™

Yes, Window Goop will expand and contract when wet which gives a crackly effect (similar to crow’s feet). This crows-foot appearance does not affect the integrity of the Goop film.  The film will turn a whitish color when saturated by rain as it`s composition changes to suit climatic conditions.  The function and integrity of Window Goop will be unaffected.

Unlike other coatings of its kind, Window Goop does not thin out when wet. Other coatings are highly effected, and their solids may wash away and make them difficult to remove. Window Goop solids will not change and the film will remain easy to remove.

All Goop products are water-based, biodegradable, environmentally friendly and contain additives utilised within the foods industry.

Window Goop has been tested to 12 months external exposure at 100um (microns) thickness, however it will last longer if applied thicker than 100um.

Window Goop is commonly used on aluminum joinery. Window Goop has protected thousands of feet of aluminum joinery and is considered to be the leading frame protection within the Australian Building Industry.

Multi Goop™

Multi Goop dries to a translucent coating which vacuum-seals to the substrate it is protecting.

Multi Goop releases very well from Granite, Ceasarstone, Marble, Corotone, laminates and numerous other types of counter-tops, in fact most non-porous surfaces, including floors.

Multi Goop is formulated to be environmentally friendly and low VOC (volatile organic compounds).  Like all Goop products are biodegradable and water-based.

Multi Goop is easy to remove when it is no longer required. The clean-up person simply picks the Multi Goop at a corner and peels it off in one complete sheet.  All accumulated debris and stains come with it and it then goes directly into the job-site refuse container.

As with all Goop coatings, Multi Goop contains cleaning products which ensure that the underlying substrates are kept sparkling clean during construction.

Bath Goop™

As with all Goop products, Bath Goop is environmentally friendly, low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and is safe for use in confined areas.

Due to the extra thickness of applied Bath Goop, it may take up to 4 hours to cure depending on the climatic conditions. To make Bath Goop cure faster you can employ heater fans. Better ventilation also helps to lessen the dry time.

All Goop products are formulated without solvents, hence Goop products may be slightly slower to cure than competitors’ products, however Goop products are much more `user and substrate friendly`.

Bath Goop should be applied as soon as the bathtub/shower stall has been installed or just prior to installation. Usually the bathtub is on site when the windows are being protected with Window Goop, so the installer would normally coat the bath fixtures at that time.

BlockOut Goop™

BlockOut Goop, like all Goop products, is a water-based, non-hazardous, environmentally friendly product and may be disposed of in landfill when removed as a dried film.

BlockOut Goop should be removed if it shows sign of sun damage or begins to loosen.  Normally it should last up to 12 months without showing signs of needing replacement.

No, however BlockOut Goop does contain a flame retardant element.

If the BlockOut Goop rips into little pieces, it means that you have applied the coating too thin and another layer needs to be applied to give the coating strength.  Re-apply the BlockOut goop, leave for 24 hours then remove.

No, BlockOut Goop cannot be applied with a spray gun.  The solids in the product will clog the nozzle of the sprayer and you will have drips and over-spray on your worksite. 

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