The Benefits of Clean-a-PEEL Protective Coatings

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Whether to roll onto your windows, countertops or bathroom sink, peel-able protective coatings are saving builders and contractors time and money. Amid construction projects, damage and dirt can result in expensive repairs and cleaning. Without a means to access industrial coatings, you’ll have no choice but to shoulder costly replacements. So—why go peel-able?

What is Clean-a-PEEL Protective Coatings?

Peel-able coatings are precisely what you would expect them to be—they protect windows, tiles, floors, worktops, and other surfaces. Clean-a-PEEL Protective Coatings, when applied inside a building, can last up to 24 months. Externally, they may last up to12 months. To lengthen their lifespan outdoors, contractors can apply our coatings at least 100um (microns) or more in thickness. 

Home renovators, glass and window companies, construction firms and contractors apply our peel-off coatings on anything from skyscrapers to everyday items such as shower stalls, bathtubs and kitchen counters. 

Why Use Clean-a-PEEL Protective Coatings?

An innovative way to protect a vast majority of surfaces, our peel-off coatings provide a profusion of benefits that include the following.

1. Saves Time

Nothing dulls the celebratory atmosphere of ending a large-scale painting project than having to call up the cleaners. With Clean-a-PEEL coatings there is no scrubbing, scraping or wiping involved. Simply apply it by roller and remove it gently when the project is finished.  And even better, the likelihood of damages is minimal—you won’t’ have to waste time organizing repairs and sourcing new parts. 

2. Saves Money

A superior temporary method of protection during construction, Clean-a-PEEL Protective Coatings take half the time of other forms of protection during application, reapplication, and removal. Not to mention, reapplications and post-construction clean-ups are extremely costly. Clean-a-PEEL Coatings remove most of this expense easily and in an eco-friendly way. 

3. Offers Weather Protection

As we mentioned above, Clean-a-PEEL protection will last on external surfaces for up to 12 months. Even when directly exposed to sunlight, our peel-off coatings won’t bake or melt and can just as effectively preserve walls (non-porous) and windows during the winter. When the time comes, peeling off this coating will leave your surface looking brand-new. 

4. Enhances Customer Relations

Ever have a dispute over who pays for damages or repairs? Some clients will insist that contractors repay any defacements, deficiencies or inconsistencies, whereas contractors may feel the need to appeal this.  Because Clean-a-PEEL products prevent damage from occurring during the construction process, clients can feel more confident that they will stay on budget.

5. It Offers Peace of Mind  

Construction clients value more than just budget—they also value time. By protecting surfaces against the damaging elements of construction, handover is almost always on time. Clean-a-PEEL products are durable and weather-retardant and need little, if any, re-application during the project. 

At the time of removal, simply peel off from the corners, and the coating will come off in a single sheet. Any accumulated debris and dirt will come off with it.  Since our products are bio-degradable they can be tossed into the dumpster with the other jobsite refuse.


Nobody wants to have to spend money on clean-up services that incorporate harsh chemicals, damaging metal scrapers, and take loads of time to complete. With solutions from Clean-a-PEEL you will no longer need to deal with plastic drop sheets and minor property damages. 

At Clean-a-PEEL, we provide clients with products for counters, bathrooms, floors and glass. Our temporary peel-able protective coatings are made with biodegradable materials such as volatile organic compounds (VOC) that are environmentally-friendly. They are just as easy to remove as they are to apply.

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