Make Spray Booth Maintenance Easier by Using This Product

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If you want your spray booth to rise above the competition, make sure you provide each customer with a quality job and finish it on time. A lousy job can cost you and your client, not only in terms of money but also your reputation. As such, you need to maintain your spray booth well, and one way to do so is by regularly cleaning the whole booth.

However, this process can be time-consuming and expensive. It can also be messy but it is nonetheless necessary. Less dirt and grime inside your spray booth leads to cleaner work.

To address the hassle of spray booth maintenance, use Booth-a-PEEL™ from Clean-a-PEELProtective Coatings.  Many professional body shops now use peel-off coatings and Clean-a-PEEL has developed a formula that resists the chemicals found in automotive paints. Booth-a-PEEL acts as a protective coating on spray booth walls, floors, and surfaces. There is no cutting required, you simply apply it with a paint roller to the critical areas, and it does its job.

If you want to remove the hassle of spray booth maintenance, apply Booth-a-PEEL.

Why Try Clean-a-PEEL Temporary Protective Coatings?

There is no way to maintain a spray booth’s cleanliness at all times.  After all, you do messy jobs inside it. That is why some paint shops resort to giving up and letting all the overspray accumulate. However, this is not ideal, especially when clients walk into your shop to observe your workplace. If you want to make a positive impression or make sure that you deliver a quality painting job, try using our Booth-a-PEEL protective coating around your workspace. Here are five reasons to convince you.

You will get better paint finishes

Believe it or not, having a protective coating can positively affect your work output. Overspray always builds up on your booth’s walls and floors. The paint dust stays in the air, and it can contaminate your paint job if you let it remain within the room.

You will save on expenses

Cleaning a spray booth is not an easy job, especially if you are the type to wait until the grime and overspray piles up. If you later decide to clean the booth, you will need to hire people to do it for you, and it will take them a considerable length of time to get it done. All you need to do with Booth-a-PEEL protective coating is apply with a paint roller.  When you’re ready to clean the walls, just peel it off and toss it out with the rest of your shop debris. 

Recoating improves your booth’s visibility

White walls are too challenging to keep clean, especially inside a paint spray booth. Using Booth-a-PEEL protective coating allows you to recoat your walls, leaving them well-maintained. With white walls, you and your customers can easily see the quality of your coloured spray job.

Makes deep cleaning easier

Because you are using a peelable coating system, deep cleaning the whole booth will be easier and faster. There will be no accumulation of contaminants since you can completely and easily remove the top layer of paint buildup inside your booth.

The material is highly durable

Clean-a-PEEL Temporary Protective Coatings are also durable, and strong enough to withstand machinery, foot traffic, and everyday wear and tear.


Spray booths play a significant role in body shops, and it is only crucial that these booths are well-maintained and in good working order. Proper maintenance not only ensures their longevity but also provides better quality painting jobs.

Clean-a-PEEL is a protective coatings supplier based in Vancouver BC that provides practical solutions for your business’s maintenance and protection needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products, visit our website

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