Clean-a-PEEL 4 Ways to Protect Your Belongings During Renovation

4 Ways to Protect Your Belongings During Renovation

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Remodeling is an exciting process, but it can be tedious at times. If you have to stay in the house while you’re in the thick of it, you might face some difficulty protecting your belongings from dust and other debris produced during construction and repairs. 

Traditionally, this was possible with plastic sheets and cardboard barriers stapled or taped to various parts of the house. However, all that tape and all those staples can eventually cause damage while offering less-than-effective protection. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can protect your belongings should you initiate a home remodel. 

Here are some of the products and solutions you can use to prevent damage to your home and belongings:

  1. Adhesive-free and fastener-free dust barriers

You can wedge a plastic sheet to the walls using R-11 insulation strips with a thickness of about 3.5 inches. This allows you to fix and set up dust barriers that don’t need to be adhered or affixed in ways that damage the walls and floors. The plastic should be held up entirely by the friction of the insulation strips. The strips also allow some air flow, but not without filtration. 

Begin by setting the bottom plate on the floor where you want the barrier. Wedge some studs between the top plate and the insulation every four feet but stop about ⅜ of an inch from the wall. This gap between the studs and the wall allows for the insulation strips to be squished just enough to fix the whole system in place. You can then staple the plastic sheet to the insulation strips all across the walls and ceiling. 

Just make sure that nobody leans on the plastic barrier.

  1. Bath-a-peel

One of our many products that protect other fixtures from dust and debris is Bath-a-PEEL. This is one of our many peel-off coatings. You can coat the bathtub and other bathroom fixtures with a brush or roller, which will then dry into a thick, tough, rubbery coating that can protect from scratches and dings.

Once the job is complete, the coating can be easily peeled off and discarded. The best part is, all the peel-off coatings we have in our online store are water-based and fully biodegradable. 

  1. Countertop Coatings

Nothing can ruin a kitchen or dining area more than a cracked or scratched countertop, especially with precious materials like marble. To protect your countertops, you need MultiPEEL for Counters. Similar to Bath-a-peel, this product can coat countertops with a brush or roller. When the remodel is complete, it can be peeled off and disposed of. 

  1. Air duct shields

This should be one of the first steps you take. Any part of the house that has been set aside for construction, repairs, or renovation should have its ducts sealed and covered up. This will prevent debris, dust, and chemicals from seeping through the rest of the house, protecting its inhabitants. It can also keep the house’s air conditioning system safe from filter clogging. 

Final thoughts

With the right tools and materials, your house renovation could operate more smoothly and securely. Your remodel doesn’t have to fill up your whole house with dust and other messes, and it doesn’t have to damage your expensive furnishings. With just a little elbow grease and knowledge, you can protect your house from accidents and mistakes.

If you’re looking for peel-off coatings for a variety of surfaces such as glass and walls, send us a message at Clean-a-Peel. We have a wide selection of well-designed protective products to keep your property safe. 

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