Why Protective Coatings are Necessary During Construction

Why Protective Coatings are Necessary During Construction

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A typical situation for window cleaners across North America is that many property owners, window installers, or general contractors fail to protect glass surfaces when requesting a post-construction window cleaning job. As a result, the windows receive considerable damage by post-construction debris such as paint, concrete, concrete sealant runoff, and many other materials. Many general contractors expect window cleaners to remove these stains with ease, which is not always the case. 


Fortunately, an easy way to avoid a complicated situation is to use temporary peelable protective coatings. These sturdy products cover and protect windows from numerous damaging circumstances that often cost a lot of money and delay the construction process. Here are three reasons protective coatings are essential for glass surfaces during construction:

  • It Preserves Glass Surfaces During Construction


The glass industry has published comprehensive guidelines for protecting glass surfaces during all construction stages, making it easier for property owners to preserve their windows. However, despite this, general contractors often leave glass surfaces wholly unprotected, which exposes them to damage from debris. 


In the construction process, such as cement, paint, adhesives, and varnish can easily dent or damage glass surfaces. It may also compromise the durability of windows, glass doors, and skylights, crucial to a building’s life. With temporary peelable protective coatings, you can protect your client’s glass surfaces from mineral deposits, concrete, and other materials. It will preserve the pristine and immaculate appearance, as any debris that sticks to the film will come right off along with the protective coating. 

  • It Prevents Further Damage From Harsh Cleaning Chemicals


Unprotected glass surfaces are susceptible to damage, scratches, and dents from stucco residue, silicone caulk, and other construction materials. As a result, you’ll have to resort to harsh cleaning chemicals and aggressive techniques to restore the glass surfaces. These may include razor blades, mechanical polishing, or chemical cleaning, resulting in fine scratches, further compromising glass surfaces’ quality.


Fortunately, with protective coatings, this won’t be an issue. It will shield glass surfaces from construction debris once it’s applied, which means that your window cleaning company won’t have to use harsh cleaning chemicals to clean it. Removing stubborn chemicals is often costly and time-consuming, which a protective coating will quickly eliminate. Your client will be much happier as you’ll have protected their glass surfaces from extra damage.

  • It Keeps You Compliant


Glass and window cleaning companies must exercise extra care when dealing with clients’ glass surfaces. The International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) and the Glass Association of North America (GANA) have jointly released a technical bulletin stating that glass must be adequately protected from construction debris during all construction stages. All trades involved in construction activities must pay special attention to prevent weld splatter exposure, paint, sealants, plaster, and other materials to glass surfaces. Otherwise, you will risk irreparable damage to glazed materials, which can hold you responsible.


However, with temporary peelable protective coatings, this won’t be an issue. It provides proper protection to glass surfaces that are easy to install at the beginning of construction and remove during the clean-up stage. Although it does an excellent job of protecting glass surfaces, it also protects your company from any complaints or claims by the building owner for any resulting damage to their windows during the construction process. 




Protective coatings are incredibly useful during construction. It saves time and money for all parties involved, as there are less damage and debris on windows that cleaning companies will have to wash and scrub. With these practical barriers, window cleaners can easily eliminate stains and scratches without further damaging glass surfaces.

Clean-a-PEEL is a peelable temporary protective coating that preserves windows and shields them from damage. Our product rolls on like paint and easily peels off, allowing quick and simple removal. Thanks to Clean-a-PEEL, you can protect your glass surfaces from paint spatter, falling debris, dust, and many more. Contact us today to find out more about our product!

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