3 Tape Alternatives to Use When Painting Windows & Doors

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Painting windows and French doors are easy, but you need to make sure that the glass will be protected during the process to avoid getting paint on it. If you don’t want to use tape, you can use alternatives instead, such as high-end protective coatings. These solutions help you maintain your doors’ aesthetics while allowing you to add pops of colour around them.

In this article, we’ll talk about the different types of peel-off coatings you can use to protect glass and other surfaces you don’t want to be tarnished when you paint:

1. Lip Balm

If you are repainting window trim and looking for a way to protect the glass, a lip balm will work in a bind. One of the best things about this option is that you don’t need to scrape it afterwards. Apply the lip balm as generously as you can to the glass. When you’re done painting, you can simply wipe off the balm with a rag.

Lip balm is cheap and easy to use, but it isn’t a cure-all. Missing one spot could mean having to sit and remove the paint from your window even after the trim is done. For small projects, however, it may suffice to get the job done.

2. Paper Strips

Paper strips work similarly to painter’s tape, but they’re much easier to work with. Cut strips of paper, wet them, and apply them to the glass. Then, run a dry paintbrush over then to secure them. Another great thing about this is that you don’t need to worry about the paper strips leaving hard-to-remove residue—it can quickly come off, and you’re all set.

Unfortunately, paper strips are not always the best way to protect your surfaces and they can come off, leaving you with a mess. Don’t worry, because we have a better solution…

3. Temporary Protective Coating

A temporary protective coating is far superior to paper strips or lip balm, yet it is one of the simplest ways to protect the glass while painting. Before you start the painting project, apply a layer of the liquid along the edge of the glass, and it will dry as a gel. When it is in place, you can start painting. Temporary protective coating is also water-based, meaning you don’t have to worry about it leaving any trails or marks on the surface after removal.

Get High-Quality Temporary Protective Coating

There are plenty of brands that carry temporary protective coating in today’s market. Whether you need it for a DIY project or for a commercial project, it’s crucial you purchase a high-quality product. Homeowners often think that they don’t need professional equipment because you will only be painting windows or doors around the property. However, it only takes one accidental splash of paint on a surface to realize that high-quality products are indeed necessary.

With Clean-a-PEEL products, you can rest assured that you will receive high-quality solutions that will save your money and time on site prep and clean-up. It’s also easy to apply—all you need is a roller to apply it and just peel it off when you’re done! Our products are biodegradable and disposable, meaning that the finished film can be discarded with any other job-site debris into the dumpster or landfill and it won’t hurt the environment.


If you plan to paint your windows or doors and you’re worried you don’t have tape to protect your glass, the three options above are great alternatives to give the protection you need. A temporary protective coating is a popular option because it achieves the cleanest results. Moreover, you get more protection when you use it, which will ease you when you’re painting the frames around the glass.

Indeed, getting paint on glass or frames you want untouched can be a headache. This is why you must make sure that you’re well-equipped with high-end products for your painting project. Doing so ensures you won’t encounter a mess when your project comes to an end.

Are you looking for professional, temporary protective coatings in North America for your projects? Clean-a-PEEL is an innovative way to protect a wide range of surfaces as you enhance its surrounding areas. Get our Glass-a-PEEL today and enjoy the many benefits it offers!

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