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Counter tops and cabinets:

Multi Goop is quickly applied by roller application and dries to a translucent, durable and tough coating which protects against debris such as glues, silicones and other construction debris.

This low tack protective coating can be used for a wide variety of countertop materials including non porous granite and stone, stainless steel, marble (including those containing limestone), laminates and most other similar surfaces.

Multi Goop is easily applied as soon as counter tops have been installed, enabling tilers and painters to work close to the counter without ruining new cabinetry. The Multi Goop is removed easily once the protection is no longer required and disposed of in the trash.

Multi Goop is used all around the world in the building industry, and is recognized as the leading peelable protective coating system for Countertops. It contains no harmful solvents, and its toughness is unparalleled.


When building or renovating it is inevitable that paint, grout, plaster, glue, and other construction materials may be flicked, dropped or spilt onto your newly laid flooring. Cleaning it is one option – another option is to look into temporary floor protection for construction sites.

If you’ve ever asked yourself how to protect floors during construction, you’ve come to the right place. Multi Goop is the answer!

There are many items that can potentially damage, mark, stain or scratch floors on a construction site including concrete backsplash (when pouring), metal shavings, screws and nails, paint and grout (to name a few).

Commercial grade Multi Goop is suitable to cover and protect a range of internal surfaces including floor tiles, timber flooring, internal concrete and other surfaces. For more information see specific applications below*.


Floor Tiles - sealed marble, ceramic, porcelain, flagstone, quarry, Mexican/terracotta, agglomerate, terrazzo. Grout joints must be cured prior to application.

Timber Flooring - polished durability class 1, 2 & 3. Durability class 4 may also be coated however the wood must be fully sealed, lacquered and cured prior to application. Floor sealer must be cured prior to application of Multi Goop, this can sometimes be 4-6 weeks as the carrier solvents from the floorboard coating needs to evaporate for correct curing.

Concrete (internal) - cured and un pitted concrete (for example garage floors). Polished concrete and epoxy coated flooring surfaces. Ensure sealer is cured prior to application of Floor Goop.

Other surfaces - trial before coating to ensure Floor Goop is suitable. Not recommended for unsealed/porous substrates.

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