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Protect windows from building debris like mortar, render and paint on the construction site with Window Goop.

Protect all your glass windows and aluminum joinery with Window Goop. This water-based peelable protective glass coating has successfully protected thousands of square feet of windows, and is recognized as the world’s leading product in protecting glass windows during construction. Window Goop is non-toxic and environmentally friendly and is suitable for the temporary scratch protection of all glass surfaces including Low E coated glass

There are many window and glass protection coatings and solutions in the market, but these often leave a mark or residue when you peel or scrape off the coating from the window. Window Goop is non-marking and leaves no residue.

Window Goop is easy to apply, and easy to remove, and because it contains cleaning products the substrates are totally clean and safe during the construction phase. This means no unsightly, hard-to-remove residue when Window Goop is peeled off from windows at the completion of a project. How easy is that!

Window Goophas been tested for 12 months external exposure at 100um thickness. This exceeds the duration of most construction projects but if longer protection is required simply apply a thicker coat of Window Goop to extend its life-span.

Window Goop is recognized as the leading temporary surface protection for windows and aluminum frames and is utilized for both large commercial and residential projects. It’s cheaper to apply Window Goop than to replace or repair the damaged surfaces. Back end cleaning costs are also substantially reduced or eliminated.

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